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Every organizations value from all IT operations is the ability to leverage the enterprise wide data in an effective and efficient manner. Our professionals in Business Intelligence group understand the key differentiator between data warehousing and business intelligence and help enterprises optimize data to produce information that aid decisions making and analysis of operations.

Business intelligence has multiple facets and only when all are understood is value produced in organizations. One is the ability to define, and relate data in various segments and categories or group together in segments and categories. The other more critical factor is the ability to use this information to help make business decisions and recommendations. Knowledge in working with data rules engine, statistical and data mining tools is imperative in this technology segment. Expertise in this area is eventually translated into ability to do enterprise performance management, integration with other ERP solutions and enterprise wise customer data.

iTek People Inc Business Intelligence group will help you harness your enterprise wide data to see factors that influence your business and provide you with means and technology to get to this information in a faster and efficient manner. Our BI professionals will work with all the various groups and departments in your organization to produce a unified view of corporate data. Our BI expertise can help organizations in increasing the return on investment significantly by ensuring efficiencies in information distribution and measuring business execution improvements that result from better and faster decision making.