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While ERP systems have delivered proven value in streamlining enterprise processes, organizations face the associated immense challenges of support, upgrades, integration, change management, and controlling cost and schedule overruns. More often than not, the implementation is driven by technology. Technology effort becomes the sole focus of the entire ERP initiative in most companies. Before the implementation effort begins, not enough focus is given to assigning roles and responsibility from the business »

Customers are the lifeline of any organization. It is only prudent that Customers are treated by client organizations as the most valuable assets and due attention provided in ensuring that products and service provided to them is of utmost quality. Managing Customer relationships is not only the ability of an organization to provide the contracted products and services but also the visibility to understand the requirements »

Microsoft Services
Providing technology solutions in cutting edge platforms and products has been one of iTek People Inc ’s core strengths. At iTek People Inc we pride in our understanding of the various Microsoft tools and technologies and our ability to utilize them in developing solutions for our clients which have lasting value and have a high ROI on their investment. We have implemented a number of solutions using Microsoft technologies »

J2EE Services
iTek People Inc's J2EE practice is comprised of J2EE professionals with many years of experience in developing applications for medium as well as large scale enterprises. Our technology specialists are constantly involved in projects which require development of applications that work and work well under rigid conditions with strict performance requirements. »

Business Intelligence
Every organizations value from all IT operations is the ability to leverage the enterprise wide data in an effective and efficient manner. Our professionals in Business Intelligence group understand the key differentiator between data warehousing and business intelligence and help enterprises optimize data to produce information that aid decisions making and analysis of operations. »

Integration Services
iTek People Inc Integration specialists have skills to work with clients in defining their enterprise level application architecture and design solutions that chalk out the roadmap to ensure all services, processes and information is available on time and where required in the organization. Enterprises make huge investment in applications serving various functions of the company. Application development in most enterprises happens »