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In the recent past, many enterprises and midsize organizations have faced tremendous challenges in rapidly scaling up resources to address IT need, reducing cost with providing these service, increase process efficiencies and streamline delivery mechanisms to be able to compete in the global market place. Some of the points that have a tremendous influence on one or all of the above mentioned factors are

  • Investments in technology training and the long term benefits to the organization
  • Ability to scale up and down with IT skilled technicians
  • Cost of the resources available
  • Resource availability to perform the tasks
  • Investment in ventures which are not related to the core competency of the organization
Enterprises should evolve strategies that allow them to have immediate results with cost savings and also be able to maintain a sustainable service to support ongoing operations at reduced cost, improved efficiencies and reliable quality of service. This requires an innovative approach that delivers all the services required for the company to focus on its own core competency.

This is where iTek People Inc. can help. We have trained and mature offshore resources that have the ability to communicate and coordinate in the global market place, understand requirements and stay focused on delivering the required results. We provide organizations with options to work with our teams in managing and maintaining their applications or alternatively, help in setting up the units, staffing them and also implementing a strategy that works in deriving the benefits of an offshore development center. We also help clients understand the potential risks and pitfalls in the approach and also suggest mitigation strategies to ensure that they are insulated from operations coming to a stand still.

At iTek People Inc., our core value proposition is to help organizations achieve their goals by aligning ourselves with their objectives and working towards realizing the same.